Tomáš Halík has won this year's Templeton Prize on March 13.


Books in English

The Afternoon of Christianity: The Courage to Change. University of Notre Dame Press 2024 - ISBN 978-0-268-20747-2

The Way of the Cross: Meditations on Encountering Jesus. Paulist Press 2023 - ISBN 978-0-8091-5627-6

Touch the Wounds: On Suffering, Trust, and Transformation. University of Notre Dame Press 2023 - ISBN 978-0-268-20489-1

Is Got absent? Faith, Atheism, and Our Search for Meaning (A.Grün & T.Halík). Paulist Press 2019 - ISBN 978-0-8091-5343-5

From the Underground Church to Freedom. University of Notre Dame Press X.2019 ("To že byl život?", NLN 2018) - ISBN 978-0-268-10677-5

I Want You to Be: On the God of Love. University of Notre Dame Press 2016 ("Chci, abys byl", NLN 2012) - ISBN 978-0-268-10072-8

A Czech Perspective on Faith in a Secular Age (& P.Hošek, eds.). Council for Research in Values & Philosophy 2015 (Ser. IVA, Vol. 51; Ser. VIII, Vol. 10 pdf) - ISBN 978-1-56518-300-1

Night of the Confessor: Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty. Doubleday/Image, New York–London-Toronto-Sydney-Auckland 2012 ("Noc zpovědníka", NLN 2005) - ISBN 978-0-385-52452-0

Patience With God: The story of Zacchaeus continuing in us. Doubleday, New York–London-Toronto-Sydney-Auckland 2010 ("Vzdáleným nablízku", NLN 2007) - ISBN 978-0-385-52449-0